Top Star Tutors offers GCSE and A' Level Tuition

Our goal is simple: To create learning success stories, one student at a time.


Top Star Tutors offers one-to-one and small group tutoring sessions in GCSE and A' Level subjects to students ranging from 11 years to adults.

The subjects we offer:

  • English.
  • Mathematics ("Maths").
  • Science.
  • Information, Communications & Technology ("ICT").

We do this through personalised instruction, working hand-in-hand with the student’s classroom teachers (where possible), for the most efficient learning.

Our Staff

Erica, CMS, brings specialised experience in Business & Management, English and ICT.  She also heads up our Admin team.

Michael, M.A. brings specialised experience in Maths and Science, and also heads up our Tutoring team.

Test Preparation

  • Practice Tests
  • Common Entrance Preparation.
  • GCSE and A' Level Exam Revisions.


Top Star Tutors offers one-to-one and group tuition in Maths, English, Science, and ICT.  We also offer homework help and school holiday sessions.

Our Tutors

Top Star Tutors are experienced and qualified in several subject areas.  Many also have certificates or licenses for specific subjects.

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